Whose Report will You Believe?: Understanding the Power of Faith in God

bestTo believe or not to believe is the question at hand. Foundational to the Christian life is the ability to have faith; that is, believe. Without a belief in the work of God through Jesus Christ, one cannot enter into salvation. Moreover, the obtained salvation cannot be maintained without an ever growing faith, hope, and belief in God. Our belief in God has to go beyond a general belief in His existence. It has to expand to a solid belief in His power and ability to move on the behalf of man.

And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief. Mark 9:24 (KJV)

Why is it hard at times to maintain an unwavering faith God? Even after He has done so many things apparently, it can still be difficult to trust Him. Many believe and do not believe, simultaneously. They know that God answers prayer and can do all things, but the breakdown is that they do not believe that God will do it for THEM. Many Christians do not struggle with believing in God’s existence or His ability to act. However, they do not trust or believe that God will act on their behalf.

Many are crippled by this type of erroneous thinking. Causes for this thinking vary from individual to individual. Some do not believe because they do not think they deserve anything from God. Others feel that they have done so much wrong that God could not possibly hear their requests. And yet, others feel that if they are not in a position of authority in the Church (pastor or a leader of some kind) that they are not on God’s radar. All of these thoughts are inconsistent with sound Christian thought and practice.

Here are 3 reasons why a Christian should not lose their belief in God’s power to act on their behalf. Consider these the next time you feel as if your prayers may not be answered.

1. He told us to ask. Jesus encouraged His disciples in the parable of the woman and the unjust judge to pray. He said that we are to always pray and not faint. The parable He used demonstrated that even though we may have to pray about a situation more than once, it does not mean we will not get our request. We should come to Him in prayer, again, because He said so. He gives an open invitation. Why not receive it?

2. He told us to ask in expectation. Unless something is just outside of His will, we can expect to receive what we ask for. He said that everyone that asks, receives. Jesus said that if our earthly fathers knew how to give good things, how much more our heavenly Father. If you are brave enough to ask, He is big enough to perform it.

3. He told us to ask so God would receive glory. Jesus told the disciples that anything that they asked for in His name, He would do it that the Father may receive glory. When we ask and God does it, we give Him glory and tell others of His good works towards us. God receives no glory in unanswered prayers. Trust that He will do it for you.

The next time you approach God in prayer. Do not doubt His willingness to hear you. If it is not in His will, He has a way of revealing that even to you. Aside from that, come to Him in faith, expecting to receive. Remember, He offers forgiveness in prayer, healing in prayer, and answers so that one can stand in Him. To believe or not to believe it is up to you.

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